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Every Mans proper Mansion House and Home, being the Theatre of his Hospitality, the Seate of Selfe-fruition, the Comfortablest part of his own Life, the Noblest of his Sonnes Inheritance, a kinde of private Princedome.

— Sir Henry Wotton
The Elements of Architecture, p. 82 (1624)

Who we are

  • The Company and Its Name

    Ammonitum established its reputation for quality by creating luxury wooden baths and washbasins for exclusive yachts and exquisite homes. Using wood in bathroom areas, we replace cold, dull ceramic furnishing with warm, golden amber and unflawed wooden surfaces. The first foundation stones were set by Markus Horner in 1997, when our first wooden washbasin was created, and today, Ammonitum’s bathroom designs are still considered a breath of fresh air in contrast to contemporary bathroom designs. The company’s concept and enthusiasm are always shared with many talented artists who love what they do. Thanks to these artistic pioneers, we constantly improve our production, learn how to use innovative materials, expand our product offerings and increase our export range. Ammonitum is committed to both luxury and the environment. We deliberately opt for environmental friendly varnishes whenever possible. The use of lightweight boards in our furniture production saves resources, since the lighter weight of our products means fewer CO2 emissions during transport. Ammonitum stands for respect and appreciation of enduring quality. It derives its name from ammonites, those legendary sea creatures that populated the earth millions of years ago.

  • Our Style

    What is our style? Luxury and functionality, glamour and modernity, exuberance and elegance, and beauty and faith in advanced technologies. We cherish the best traditions of Art Deco — the unique style that first appeared in the 1920s in France and conquered the world during the 1930-40s. With rich colours and bold geometric shapes, Art Deco served as an interpretation of the dreams and desires of its epoch. No wonder that it was extensively used for passenger ships, including the famous Normandie, one of the greatest ocean liners ever built. Laid down over 80 years ago, she was the largest and fastest passenger ship afloat. Among her distinguished passengers were Ernest Hemingway, Fred Astaire, Marlene Dietrich, Publo Picasso, Walt Disney and many others. Of course, first-class suites were given fabulous designs by select artists, leading Art Deco to symbolise affluence and comfort. Today, its immortal and magnificent style echoes in everything we do. Normandie’s nobility and decorum, along with the victorious spirit of the last century, are reflected in every item of our yacht-style interiors.

  • Press About Us

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What we do

  • Exclusive Wooden Interiors

    When you think about the interior design of extravagant yachts, luxury limousines and private jets, what notions immediately come to mind? A craftsman’s skills, an exclusive style, exotic woods, high-lustre varnish, carbon and chrome items? Ammonitum creations boast all of these elements and much more. Ammonitum manufactures fine furniture and exclusive wooden sculptures and even equips luxury limousines with wood. However, we are most proud of our high-end wood washbasins and bathtubs. These unique objects undergo a complex manufacturing process to offer absolute surface perfection with unbeatable and crucial features: They are protected from water, do not require special maintenance or care in all lifetime use and can be brought again to a new state by polishing, even after 20-30 years of use.

  • Interior-Design

    We offer complete design services based upon our clients’ unique requirements for public spaces and private homes-mansions, elite residential compounds, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, spa complexes and others. The spirit of Art Deco inspires us and has an extensive influence on our creativity. However, we can create any design desired to meet our clients’ needs, from Barocco and Classicism to the most sophisticated and popular minimalistic solutions. We develop photorealistic visualisations for all of our projects. This approach enables our clients to have a realistic, advanced view of their future’s interior. High resolution rendering also helps us finally and precisely define a colour range, furniture components, accessories and finishing materials.

  • Turnkey Apartments

    We collaborate with almost all European manufactures of luxury furniture as well as with a number of reliable partner suppliers. Thus we can independently develop and craft bespoke furniture. Our creative team includes professional furniture designers who make drawings based upon specific requirements. We then make clients’ interior dreams a reality. Should they wish, we can provide them with fully furnished turnkey apartments (window treatments, bedding, tableware, etc.). We choose to work with the best masters and artists to make sure our clients enjoy the impeccable quality of our products.

Our catalogue

Our latest catalogue is available all over the world at Apple’s App Store or via Google Play.


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